Shades of Black Gothic Canopy Bed

New at Rustica, the Shades of Black Gothic Canopy Bed is an elaborately sculpted beauty that would be an asset to any home or castle. This bed is a genius of design and creativity. Maxwell spent over 60 hours in the design studio making the Shades Of Black Gothic Bed. The frame features metal sculpted bats. The curtains draw close around you to envelope you in a world of warm whispered pillow talkin yumminess!! The bed is available for purchase now and many more pieces of the Shades Of Black Collection will be forthcoming!

I know you want to come over to Rustica and lay your head on this pillow… Rustica Home Furnishings The features of this bed will send you to dream land! The Drapes open and close.. The bed is scripted with fabulous snuggle poses. the blankets cover you and you have an incredible array of scripted color-change options in many designer colors.

Rustica Home Furnishings.


One thought on “Shades of Black Gothic Canopy Bed

  1. Hey, gorgeous! I stopped by the shop the other day. Your furniture is amazing. Your store just drips in eye candy. I want it all!I hope you’re doing well!–Heidi Volare


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