PipeWork Electric Lamp Set

The PipeWork Turnbuckle Collection has been a project long in my mind. I have been fascinated with old, mechanical things and scientific instruments since finding them in my Grandfathers garage as a child. I have also always been interested in decay, the natural breaking down of everything we try to make perfect. Objects and time combine, making the new, old. Sometimes, however, an inherent charm and nostalgia combine to make the old new again. Old books, copper patina, wood grain, rust, old countertops, stained fabric – visceral connections to the past which discreetly embellish the dominant functionality of these pieces. The real-world trending of steampunk and victorian chic was the final straw. I had to make it.


The PipeWork Electric Lamp Set is part of the Rustica PipeWork Turnbuckle Collection and is available now on the SL marketplace and in the main Rustica location inside Second Life, where you can also try the items.


A mixture of man-made and natural elements combine in a sturdy design style that is equally suited for a factory loft, a victorian study, a mechanics shop, a trendy café or your patio at home. The result is a set of industrial lighting which allows you to create the look you want with 3 table lamps, a floor lamp and wall sconce, each in 8 different metal finishes. Meticulous attention to detail produced an array of very subtle material maps and projector lighting to enhance the look of these items when advanced lighting is turned on in the graphics preferences of your client.



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