Antique “Dress-er” Bureau Set

A new release today, the “Dress-er” is a simple bureau designed to mimic the ubiquitous “little black dress,” a staple of many wardrobes, hanging on a stand. It comes with both steel and brass hardware versions, and has opening drawers.


The set of two also includes a color-changing HUD which, when worn by your avatar, can then be used to change to any RGB color combination using the several methods you see in the image above. You can also save 7 custom color choices in the memory slots provided.


These items are fashioned with the attention to detail which you have come to expect from our products – original polygon mesh models, procedural/hand painted textures and material maps, baked ambient shadows, custom sounds and proprietary/low lag scripting.


The drawer construction is birdseye maple with ambient shadows for added realism, while the exterior of the cabinet and drawer faces are done in a distressed wood plank finish. While the cabinet and drawer fronts change color with the HUD, the drawer interiors and hardware remain unchanged.


Clicking on any of the four drawers will open/shut them with a subtle slide and satisfying click sound. They will remain open until shut, so you may add decorative personal items to suit your taste.

The Rustica – Antique “Dress-er” Bureau is available for viewing, demonstration or purchase at the main store inside Second Life:

and is also available for purchase via the Rustica Store on the Second Life Marketplace:

Rustica – Markeplace Store


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