“Ex Libris” Modular Library Collection

Ex Li·bris

eks ˈlēbris,ˈlībris/

The literal translation from latin of “from the books” is often used as an inscription on a bookplate to show the name of the book’s owner, as in “from the books of…” or “from the library of…” Example: “ex libris Maxwell Graf”


The newest collection from Rustica, “Ex Libris” is a modular library set made up of books, various shelving, cabinet and raised panel wall sections which can be used separately, as multiple pieces forming a larger unit, or as a total room interior such as for a study, parlor or library. The set is painstakingly crafted with the clarity, quality and attention to detail that place it as one of our best designs.

This set is available here:
Rustica – “Ex Libris” Modular Library Collection on the SL Marketplace

or you can  See these items in Second Life ®




The Ex Libris collection contains:
• 2 center cabinets: upper shelves/base cabinet, one flat top and one arched top /6-8 li
• 2 standard cabinets: upper shelves/lower drawer, one glass and one solid door /10 li
• A secretary desk with 17 different doors, drawers and secret compartments /12 li
• A clawfoot etagieré with upper shelves and a small lower drawer /5 li
• Raised wood panel wall sections which you can scale; match the cabinets or use individually as a great way to refresh an existing room! 9m x9m = 1li
• BONUS: brown leather panelled wall section!
• All cabinets have removable doors for an open look which can reduce the land impact
• Custon, low lag scripting and custom sounds for all the opening doors and drawers.


In addition, a large collection of custom books is included:
• 6 rows of books, 1 object = 1li
• 6 rows of books, 3 object linkset = 2li/3li
• 90 different, hand painted covers and spines, each with fake SL-related titles.
• Books can be mixed and matched to achieve a very random look for even a room full of cabinets. The linkset rows can be un-linked into 3 stacks of 5 books each; mix them or place just a few books on a desk!




This collection is MOD/COPY/No Transfer, except for scripts, which are copy only. You can quickly scale ALL items to make them larger, smaller, shorter, wider, deeper, etc. to suit your decorating needs/space.


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