Rune, Home of the “Alpine Deathrace,” a new project for the upcoming virtual world Sinewave.Space

Gaming has always attracted me. I ended up working in 3D after wandering around Guild Wars and getting killed over and over because I was not paying attention, instead focused on looking at how everything was made. Prior to that, all the way back to asteroids and pacman, my childhood and teens were a blurry amalgam of warner brothers cartoons, heavy metal and video games. I was carefully shaped by these things into a being that needs to make, but I only now have access to the tools which really will allow me to make my own game. So I am. Here is my progress after exactly 1 week of using the Unity engine for the first time:

In 2009 or so, I made a very simple game, Alpine Deathrace 2000, on a small island called Rune in a virtual platform called Second Life.rune1

Though I have been in Second Life for over 10 years, Rune was some of the most fun I ever had designing or playing a game there and it was well received. It was wonderfully captured in this video by SL resident Stretch Mayo:

I have wanted to recreate it ever since. I have made several attempts, both in BlueMars and Cloud Party (both worlds died miserably before getting off the ground), to no avail.

(RIP) Blue Mars Attempt via CryEngine:

(RIP) Cloud Party Attempt via w/e the hell they were trying to use:

My new attempt is being created using the Unity game engine for a new virtual world called Sinewave.Space which is opening in the next couple weeks as an open beta test. I encourage you to go take a look!

It is an 8192m sq. terrain comprised of (16) 2048m sq. tiles. At walking speed, with the mountains adding distance, it takes about 3 hours to get from one side to the other. (The red square in this image is 256m).

Walking is not necessary, as you will be able to drive a 3D model of my real 1977 Volvo C303, seen in the pictures below:

Here is the Volvo in real life and next to me inside Second Life.

For now I am using a test 4×4 vehicle while I continue to focus on the terrain and overall environment.

Onward and upward!


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